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"I was as sceptical, as some of you reading this might be, having never seen one in action. The question I asked myself was, is it possible to fully cure a primer that has the same build as a 2k primer in under 45 secs, without any issues down the road?

The answer to this is, yes it is possible. This has undoubtedly been the BIGGEST GAME CHANGER to my business and I can’t be thankful enough to Lee and Steve for introducing me to Teslacure UV curing.

It has enabled me to work SMARTER and QUICKER and this technology has therefore allowed me to increase my turnover by being able to fit in another 1-3 jobs a week."

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The #1 reason for using UV is to increase your profits and reduce your costs.

TeslaCure introduced the world's first UVA LED operated (R100) curing lamp back in 2016, we are now the global leader with UV LED curing Lamps to suit small, medium & large areas.

If you would like to discuss your curing needs, please contact

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