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Description & Benefits

The TeslaCure Linear UVA LED 300 Hand Held (Wall Mount) is a dedicated handheld curing device offering high speed curing for UV putties, UV body fillers, UV primers and UV Clearcoats, cure times range from 20 seconds to 2 minutes depending on product used and size of cure area.

The UV lamp is handheld & designed to be wall mounted in the paint preparation area or other suitable work area where curing is carried out (All wall mount brackets are included) the lamp produces safe high power UVA LED light.


Features include a digital control panel with auto cure & auto off programs, the curing lamp can be fully controlled from the wall mount digital display control panel or the handheld lamp itself.

The width of the cure area in one pass of the hand is aproximately 400mm wide which allows for quick and easy curing of large areas, the lamp can be moved up to 9 meters away from the wall mounted position for excellent mobility. The wall mount system is clip on/clip off, so if you do need to move to another part of the workshop it's easy just unclip and carry it to another area.

Finished in hard wearing anodized pearl blue and powder coat black finishes with stainless steel accessories.

TeslaCure full 2 year warranty available in Europe, USA & Asia Pacific. 


Description & Benefits

The TeslaCure R100 UVA LED Cordless lamp was the world's first ever UV LED cordless handheld curing device developed by TeslaCure engineers, this UV lamp became world famous in the automotive industry as it was an absolute game changer that changed the paint industry forever, used by paint companies and body shops in over 60 countries and still going strong today.  

TeslaCure’s R100 UVA LED Cordless is a lightweight battery operated handheld UV curing lamp kit, the kit includes a re-chargeable battery, UV safety glasses, carry bag, battery charger and an aluminum, carry case. 


The R100 has a digital control panel with auto off program and end of cure sound alert, the curing lamp is best suited for curing of small repairs when using UV putty or UV primers.

​Finished in hard wearing anodized pearl yellow/green and black finishes.


​TeslaCure full 1 year warranty available in Europe, USA & Asia Pacific.