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Description & Benefits

Hybrid curing equipment is a unique new innovation from TeslaCure, the equipment can be used in two ways: First as a mobile curing machine where the lamp is positioned on an easy to move stand with wheels, you can simply move it to the car, press the start button and walk away, this is useful for about 80% of repair work where the damage is on vertical panels like a door. 

If you need to cure a roof, boot/trunk, bonnet/hood or inside door jambs, engine bay or such areas then the TeslaCure Hybrid equipment can simply be transformed into a handheld lamp. With a quick release knob the lamp can be instantly used in handheld mode.

The TeslaCure Linear UVA LED 300 is capable of curing a 600x500mm area in mobile mode, in handheld mode any size area can be cured. The curing lamp produces high power, safe UVA (ultraviolet light)

Capable of high speed curing for UV putties, UV body fillers, UV primers and UV Clearcoats, average cure times from 20 seconds to 2 minutes depending on product used and size of cure area.

Digital control panel with auto cure & auto off program, simply press start and walk away, or choose to cure by hand, especially useful for curing inside door jambs, boots/trunks or engine bays.

Easy to use by hand for excellent mobility, includes 9 meters of flexible cable so that you can reach any area of the vehicle in handheld or mobile modes. 

Best suited for body shops needing an all in one unit offering a maximum flexibility UV curing machine that will cure any refinish UV coating in seconds or minutes. This award winning unique design is a paint technicians best friend.

Finished in hard wearing anodized pearl blue and powder coat black finishes with stainless steel accessories.

TeslaCure full 2 year warranty available in Europe, USA & Asia Pacific.

Description & Benefits

Hybrid 360
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