The world of vehicle accident repairs is constantly changing and improving, new innovations and technologies that lead to higher speed of production, improved efficiencies in both labour and process times, not to mention huge energy savings are all part of the goal that the TeslaCure company research & development team view as the highest priority for new product developments.

It is only every 100 years or so that new technologies such as TeslaCure’s UVA LED curing can deliver a mind blowing 40x speed increase in the time needed to dry paints and a 30x reduction in energy use for the energy used to dry automotive paints.

For Example:

Imagine if you were cutting your garden lawn, and let’s assume that it normally takes 20 minutes to cut the lawn using the latest design petrol lawn mower.  Because you were running the petrol engine for 20 minutes you also used 1 litre of fuel. So far you have used 20 minutes of your labour time and have spent let’s say 1.20 Euro on fuel.

Now someone comes along and tells you that there is a company that has new technology that can reduce your lawn cutting time from 20 minutes to 30 seconds and reduce your fuel cost from 1.20 Euro down to 0.04 cents. I am sure you would think that they were crazy but this is exactly the same performance gain you can achieve today by changing from conventional 2K paint to UV cured paint technology.

Man Mowing Lawn

Now let’s look at the same example but in a bodyshop situation below:

Speed, Process Time & Energy savings when using a UV system

The average car repair body shop is repairing around 30 jobs a week or 120 jobs per month. If each vehicle only had 1 repair on it that required primer, then the number of primed jobs per month would be 120.

Using conventional 2K primer, 120 jobs per month, with a dry time of 20 minutes per job, the body shop total drying process time is 120 x 20 = 2,400 minutes, so 2,400 minutes divided by 60 = 40 hours. In simple terms, 1 week of every month is allocated to drying time if a conventional 2K primer is used.

If UV primer is used in the same body shop, repairing exactly the same cars, the math would look like this: 120 x 0.5= 60 minutes, so if you were using UV primer your total drying process time per month is only 1 hour. If your repair areas were twice as large, then we could double the cure time to 1 minute per vehicle but you would still only be allocating 2 hours per month to primer drying.

Products used & product waste (2K Primer)

If your shop is using conventional 2K primer you would have to mix primer with hardener and thinner or reducer. This means that you would have to order and store 3 paint products just to complete primer work. Then after you mixed the primer, you would only have 30 minutes to spray the primer before it would start to go hard in the spray gun or mixing pot. Any unused primer in the spray gun and the mixing pot would then have to be thrown away (each and every time) a job was repaired & primed.


UV Primer = No Waste

UV primer is a single pack product with no hardener required and no thinner required, therefore you only need to purchase 1 product not 3 as is the case with 2K technology. There is no waste, as the product will not go hard in the spray gun or the pot, it therefore can be used with a 100% efficiency rate.


The #1 reason for using UV is to increase your profits and reduce your costs.